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The Tower

...the cosmic lint trap, where all lost things eventually land.

No one is really sure why The Tower is. Most of its residents have enough trouble just dealing with what The Tower is. A world obviously create by some greater power, and then abandoned. A vast pile of masonry, riddled with corridors and rooms and locked doors floating through void. Home to creatures pulled from all reaches of anywhere and stuck there to live and breed and hunt and be hunted.

For you, a new arrival, The Tower is strange beyond belief and dangerous beyond your knowledge. When you found yourself deposited in some abandoned corner of this unlikely world you quickly discovered the savage nature of the local ecosystem, which all too often labels you as “quick snack.” You are in a dark world of predators that stalk the paths between the few points of light and civilized safety.

For most people, there is nothing but survival; becoming enough of a predator that you avoid being the prey. But for you, there remains hope. The hope of escape. Because you have seen another world, walked its safe roads and slept in its warm beds. And you desperately wish to get back there.

Home Page

The Tower paintedmask